Services Overview

With so many priorities competing for your attention daily, you may be finding the task of running your commercial building, multifamily property, or association strenuous and time-consuming. It doesn’t have to be. Let us handle your accounting and financial service needs.

Our accounting team is familiar with handling annual reconciliation, cash flow projections, owner distributions, and everything in between. We find that a well-managed and controlled property is supported by great documentation and record keeping. For this reason, we’ve built a strong reputation for providing in-depth, accurate, timely reports and budgets (on a cash and accrual basis) which can be reviewed for making informed decisions. This financial and management reporting will minimize cost, reduce time, and increasing productivity.

Client communication is always a priority for us and you’ll remain in control of your accounts. You decide all timing and budgeting variables and will receive your monthly financial reports via e-mail or hard copies. You control your investment; We’ll handle running the business.


Fees for our property management services are typically based on a percentage of the gross revenues with a monthly minimum determined on a per-project basis. If you’re looking for professional assistance running your investment properties, give us a call [link to contact page]. We look forward to creating a service plan that will exceed your expectations.

Commercial/Multi-Family Accounting  

Our innovative accounting and information systems allow comprehensive financial and management reporting which helps clients by reducing time, minimizing costs and increasing productivity.   

  • Customized monthly financial reporting
  • Collecting rent and security deposits
  • Recovering rent arrears
  • Paying expenditures in relation to the budget
  • Lease analysis
  • Generating monthly rent roll
  • Supervising tenant relations and communication
  • Establishing budget for building performance projection
  • Resolving delinquent accounts, including evictions
  • Distributions to owners
  • Coordinating property audits and tax preparation
  • Handling payroll and tax reporting

A well-managed and controlled property is supported by great documentation and record keeping. Everyone benefits including the landlord, tenant, and property manager.

HOA Accounting

  • Collecting monthly association fees
  • Preparing monthly financial reports
  • Formulating annual budget
  • Reviewing and paying all bills and invoices
  • Keeping association books and records
  • Planning reserve and replacement funds
  • Handling payroll and tax reporting
  • Assisting CPAs on federal and state tax returns
  • Pursuing delinquents, via liens, foreclosure, and small claims
  • Planning reserves and replacement funds
  • Collecting late fees and special assessments
  • Accounting methods include cash and accrual in compliance with Davis-Stirling Act

Contact us [link] to learn more about our accounting and financial services.