The property management services we offer include:

  • Managing project estimations, bid process, scheduling, and administration
  • Providing guidance in all facets of value enhancement, owner interaction, lease negotiations, and perspective tenant screening
  • Maintaining strong relations between management, clients, and tenants
  • Overseeing tenant improvements, maintenance personnel, and emergency response
  • Evaluating property periodically to determine rental value through market surveys
  • Providing real estate services should property be for sale or exchange
  • Offering up-to-date knowledge on landlord-tenant law

Our acquisition/disposition services include:

  • Site selection review
  • Preliminary assessment of market value and suitability for intended use
  • Environmental review
  • Comprehensive physical and legal due diligence
  • Negotiation of purchase agreements
  • Funding and/or financing alternatives analyses

Management Vision

At Property Pro, all our managers share certain principles. We take pride in being efficient, innovative problem solvers and in providing a strong customer service culture. We believe in offering entrepreneurial expertise and tapping into resources to save time, minimize costs, and increase productivity. We believe in maintaining close relationships with vendors and overseeing their work to ensure that service requests are promptly and effectively handled for you and your tenants.