Summary of Services 

Property Pro, Ltd. Specialties: Asset and Property Management of Multifamily Properties, Commercial Buildings (retail centers, office, industrial, R&D and mixed-use) Community Associations (homeowner, commercial, condominiums and co-ops). Residential and Commercial Real Estate Sales and Leasing.
  • Customer relations and correspondence
  • Orchestrate bids and contracting services
  • Provide leadership in all facets of value enhancement
  • Small claims, unlawful detainers, liens, foreclosures actions
  • Pursue delinquent tenants or homeowners dues for (HOAs)
  • Research and review insurance requirements
  • Monthly board meeting, draft minutes and newsletters
  • Interface with escrow companies
  • Advertising and marketing of vacant units
  • Screening and qualifying prospective tenants



  • Collect monthly rents or homeowners dues for (HOAs)
  • Monthly Financial Reports o Prepare annual budget
  • Review and pay all bills/invoices
  • Keep building books and records
  • Plan reserve and replacement funds
  • Handle payroll, tax reporting
  • Assist CPA’s on Federal and State tax returns
  • Pursue delinquents, via liens, foreclosure and small claims
  • Increase schedule gross income for investment properties

Common Area Needs

  • Supervision 
    • Landscaping and gardening
    • Irrigation and drainage 
    • Lighting and general security 
    • Pool service 
    • Janitorial and street sweeping service 
    • On-site management and staff
  • Maintenance Supervision 
    • Streets and sidewalks 
    • Fences, walls, and signs 
    • Building exterior and interior
    • Refuse service 
    • Clubhouse
    • Resolving utility service problems 
      • Electric and gas
      • Water
      • Sewerage service
      • Refuse Service 
      • Cable
      • Intercom and CCTV systems 
    • Miscellaneous 
      • Construction needs 
      • Maintenance needs 
      • Rehabilitation and enhancement work
      • Trusted Vendors and Suppliers
      • Vacant Unit turnover


      • 24/7 after hours telephone emergency answering service
      • Handle all maintenance and emergency requests
      • Property inspections and walkthroughs
      • Questionnaires and fact finding tours
      • Homeowner and tenant register
      • Business agent buffer
      • Architectural changes
      • Common area violations
      • Renter occupied units
      • Social events
      • Committee liaison
      • Pets, noise, parking notices
      • Children
      • Architectural changes
      • Common area violations 
      • Emergency repairs
      • Tenant to Tenant
      • Pool and Clubhouse Use

      Resident Relations


      • Contracts with developer/builder
      • Recommendations on legal problems
      • Document recording and research
      • Analytical consultation on special problems
      • Price breaks on vendors and supplies
      • All of the above is in summary and is only a partial list.
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