Broker & Real Estate

Broker & Real Estate

Broker & Real Estate Services in San Jose, CA

Property Pro has a team of professionals that will assist you with real estate sales and acquisitions for a variety of properties throughout the area. When you take your business to a different real estate agent or broker, you will face about 6% of the sale in commission just for their services. Property Pro already has the tools at our disposal, so we will happily list the property for you at a negotiated, lower cost. 

Our Real Estate Services

In addition to offering lower prices on our real estate services and listings, we assist clients with distressed homes and we also help you to avoid foreclosure on your property. We’ll help you determine a price range and look at which homes fall within that budget and match up with what you are looking for.

When trying to sell a distressed home, typically the homeowner can no longer afford the mortgage and the lender agrees to sell the house for less than the balance of the loan. Since these types of transactions have a different dynamic than typical purchases, let us help you through the process. 

Contact our realtor and call 408-838-8784 so that we can walk you through the buying and selling process. 
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